Meet the Owner

Luther Berry – Owner/3D Modeler/3D Printing/Digital and Traditional Painting and Sculpting/Custom Finishing

Luther LBFacehas a Bachelors Degree in CPU Animation from Full Sail University with a strong focus on Character Design, Desktop product creation, custom sculptures and trophies that have been used in product visualization and the 3D printing industry. He has also been an artist for over 30 years, and has had published illustrations for 3 graphic novels. His skill set in 3D design along with traditional and digital art abilities have been used for the creation of over 250 unique 3D printed products for a multitude of clients. He has designed NCAA Licensed stadium replicas, arenas, and figurines, custom trophies, as well as many corporate and donor gifts for companies all over the World.


Our Services Include

3D printed model replicas in all sizes and multiple material choices

Product concept, product digital renderings, general 3D animation

3D mesh model design for full color product visualization and full color 3d printing

Custom trophies, sculptures, or figurines

3D Print fulfillment in Full Color CJP/ SLA/SLS/or FDM printing

Corporate desktop gifts

Custom painted 3D printed or resin cast parts and many custom finishing options

Our motto is “Concepts into Creations!”

Contact Us:
Office Hours are Mon. – Fri.  8AM – 6PM EST
Phone: 803-378-5712

No job is too big or too small, our business is about building relationships, here are some of the clients we have worked with…